04 Feb 2019

10 Reasons Why Students Prefer to Study in Bangalore


Karnataka is considered as an eminent Knowledge state in India. ‘Bangalore’ is the ultimate destination for career development and on the other hand, ‘Bengaluru’ is an emotion! This place not only provides world-class career opportunities but also makes you feel home and guarded!

Bangalore is never going to disappoint you as it is called ‘The Silicon City’ for various reasons. It is considered as the Education Hub of the country. Since time immemorial Bangalore has been the ‘Powerhouse’ of an enormous number of Leading Global organisations and reputed Educational institutions. Renowned universities like PES, produces Leaders every year who outshine in their career and lead a successful life. There are provisions for direct admission in PES University  to provide stupendous opportunities to students from different parts of the country. Every year this university attracts aspiring candidates to the city.

‘gcsonline’ is recognised as the best admission consultant in Bangalore. gcsonline helps you take the right decision for your bright future by making your professional journey a success! Bangalore is a flourishing market place for literally everything. This place not only has a rich heritage but also a cosmopolitan culture and contemporary lifestyle. The facts state that 65% of the population of Bangalore are migrants, now you can picture how amiable and phenomenal this place is! Apart from being the first city ever to get electric street lights in the whole of Asia, it also triumphs on many more victories! Bangalore cocoons some of the top old-colonial era schools and colleges too.

It is of paramount importance to decide the right path when it comes to career planning. A lot of factors are essential for a successful career. Firstly it is imperative to study in a place which nurtures you both on a personal and professional level! Studies state that Bangalore is the most preferred city by the students to pursue their Education. Here are 10 reasons from the educational perspective, which make this place an exceptional one!


#1 – A Nest for Reputed Educational Institutions

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Apart from the remarkable IT growth, Bangalore also hosts institutions, which offer education of the International standards on various fields like Medicine, Engineering, Mass Communication, Arts, Film making, Life sciences, Law, Management, Journalism and a hundred other fields. Bangalore consists of several Momentous Educational Institutions which are globally recognized and honored. There are a significant number of International schools and Colleges which provide top-notch quality of wisdom. Bangalore is also attributed with more than 125 Research and Development centers in the field of Information Technology, Core Engineering, Basic and Applied sciences, Aerospace etc.

#2 – Amaze Job Opportunities!

Do you want to live the life of your dreams? Do you want to be successful? Do you crave for that dream job? Then Bangalore is the right place for you. It will make you reach incredible heights. Bangalore is recognized as the IT capital of India which cocoons booming industries and esteemed organizations. There is a Job for every individual here.

Bangalore provides employment to so many lives. This city is highly progressive and constantly upgrading. You can grab every opportunity and this city helps you to make the most out of it. It helps you showcase your talents, capitalize your strengths and amplify your knowledge, experience, and skills. The quality of opportunities here makes your learning journey, a once in a lifetime experience.

#3 – The melting pot of cultures

Bangalore is a warm cradle of diversities. You get exposed to folks from nook and corner of the world here. You witness the ‘Trending’ culture of the world in this city. Because of the Multicultural experience, there is a room for peer learning which results in effective education. An experience like this shapes you as a person and makes you more confident while preparing you to face the challenges of the competitive world.

#4 – World Class Quality of Education


An Education of the finest quality and Teaching structure of a supreme level: are both engraved in the DNA of Bangalore. The streets of Bangalore are filled with Professionals working towards their goals. Educational Institutions help their students to master in their field of interest. The faculties at reputed institutions like PES University are highly educated who are the leaders and alumni of Renowned International organizations.

#5 – Birthplace of Inspiring Personalities and Organisations

Bangalore has resonated scientists like M. Vishveshvarayya, C.N.R Rao ; entrepreneurs like Kiran Mazumdar Shaw(founder of Biocon) , Narayana Murthy(Infosys) , Azim Premji (Wipro), G.R Gopinath (Deccan Aviation) Varun Agarwal (First Generation Entrepreneur) ; Writers like Girish Karnad ; Journalists like Faye D’Souza, Sportspersons like Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, Nikhil Advani, Mahesh Bhupathi ; Entertainers like Rajnikant, Anantanag, Deepika Padukone ; Architects like Krishnarao Jaisim ; Dr. Devi Shetty (Founder of Narayan Hrudalaya) and the list goes on! And also Bangalore has also become a revolutionizing center for the healthcare industry.

#6 – Advanced technology and lifestyle


You will get the best hands-on experience with the current technology of the world in Bangalore. The educational universities are so modernized that they have a contemporary take on teaching. The faculty follows the practical approach of learning in order to give the students an experience which is on power with the current international standards. The education system is digitalized which makes learning convenient and transformational.

#7 – The Start-up Haven

Besides being the birth land of IT colossus like Wipro, Mphasis, Infosys, Mindtree etc, Bangalore is also home to an ocean of emerging start-ups. Today, the entrepreneurial spirit is radiating in Bangalore at lightning speed. This is the right place for all the future tycoons. This city is a stage where everybody gets a chance to seize opportunities and achieve laurels.

#8 Wonderful Weather


While the rest of the country is beating the heat, we enjoy a drizzle here! The weather in Namma Bengaluru is just perfectly endurable. It is completely moderate and there is no harsh or extreme weather condition here. This makes it is easier for the migrants from any part of the world, to adapt in a harmonious climate like this.

#9 – The incredible Transportation


This place has the best feasible transportation system. From flexible Bus services, Ola, Uber to Namma Metro, transportation is not at all a problem. You can even book a bike/cycle using an app according to your convenience!

#10 – Other Perks of studying in Bangalore

Bangaloreans are extremely cordial and welcoming. Bangalore can be called a foodie’s paradise too because of the variety to cuisines this city offers you! Bangalore has the most popular work culture in the country. And also the milieu here is an ideal example for ‘Unity in Diversity’ as the inhabitants differ on so many levels. The most evident one is the linguistic difference yet the Brand ‘Bangalore’ holds everybody in harmony and that’s the beauty of this place!

Bangalore acts as a ladder which helps you climb closer to that professional development you are seeking. Get in touch with gcsonline – the best admission consultants in Bangalore, to help you kick start your success story in this Silicon Valley!

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