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23 Jan 2019

Why PES University is considered as the most preferred University of Bangalore?


Ranked as the top #1 University of Karnataka, PES University is acclaimed as a phenomenal institution which leads the path of Greatness. Embarked their journey in 1972 with only 40 students and now it has reached the Forty seventh glorious year of building a society of Leaders. PES University is the symbol of stupendous excellence.

PES University takes immense pleasure in inspiring a family of 15,000 students every year to ace the opportunities, face the challenges of the competitive world and Inspire lives. PESIT has created history by successfully launching its own satellite named ‘PISAT’ in 2016. For which the university was appreciated and honoured nationwide. The hard work, Innovation and Creativity of the students of PES University, truly deserves a standing ovation.

PES University is creating a Revolution in the field of Education. PES University believes that the goal of Education is not only to amplify knowledge but also to provide possibilities facilitating invention and discovery, to develop a society competent of achieving new things. This is the place where scientists, Inventors, Business Leaders, extraordinary Doctors are nurtured. PES University is a one stop destination for the ultimate career development.

The PES University Profile

PES University Placements

PES University can be considered as the “Oxford” of India. What makes PES University different from the rest is, its Outstanding Placement services. It is known for providing superlative placements irrespective of the stream one studies. This place has resonated successful alumni who have made a mark by being a part of internationally renowned and leading companies. The PES family shapes your life. It prepares you to live the life of your dreams. The success stories of the alumni, is the proof of the quality of service this place radiates. The popularity and reputation of the university, adds weight age to your resume in ways one cannot imagine. Undoubtedly, PES University is the most preferred university in Bangalore and the entire country.


Preparing the students for every walk of life is of paramount importance here. The pre-placement trainings are conducted at an earlier stage in order to train the students for every challenge. The trainings are equitable and professional, providing great opportunities to every student. World class organisations like World Bank and successful Software and Multinational companies lay their intense trust on this university for placements. Walmart, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Ford, Adobe, Volkswagen, Audi, DE Shaw, JP Morgan, Apple, Citrix, Intuit, Paypal, Wipro, L & T Info tech, Bosch, Honda, TVS, Goldman Sachs, Accenture, Akamai, Oracle, Honeywell, Alstom, Nutanix, Perfios, Factspan, VMWare, Ninjacart, PWC, Infosys, Tata group, Mahindra, Autoninja, Deloitte to name a few.

Internship tie-ups with the booming companies and partnerships with global organisations increase the opportunities for a successful career. Once you join this institution you will realise how transformational this place is! You’re just one step away from getting your dream job and PES University is the place which makes you ‘shine!’

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As the University is located in the IT hub, the infrastructure is extremely evolving, modern and well equipped. This prestigious university has classrooms which are lively, pleasant and amiable. The infrastructure is brilliantly planned and the campus is situated in a massive area. This prodigious campus has contemporary cafeterias and colossal libraries of international standards which help the students to unplug and induce better performance. The location of the campuses is easily accessible from every part of Bangalore.
PES has made a brand name for itself because of the quality of education and services offered to the students who hail from nook and corner of the country. The hostel accommodations are very welcoming and cordial. They are well ventilated and comfortable which fit the advanced standards. There is a stringent security system and an on-call doctor service. The campus gives you that happy vibe and an experience of a lifetime. There are multidisciplinary research centres on campus which has enthusiastic staff, who carry out extensive research in their areas of curiosity.

PES University Admissions


PES University offers programs in prominent educational areas; Engineering, Medicine, Management, Life Sciences and Law. Name a course and you can certainly find it under this roof. It constitutes of Pre-university courses, Undergraduate, Post graduate courses, Variety of Research programs, Diploma courses – everything under one brand ‘PES University.’
The admission process is very versatile and feasible. For the under graduate programs, 40% of the students are admitted based on their Karnataka CET scores. The other 60% are admitted based on the PESSAT scores. This university has an entrance exam of its own facilitating the direct admission in PESIT. The tentative dates, syllabus and centres for the exam are updated on the university website. You can now apply for this entrance in order to get a direct admission in PES University for 2019.

The PES University management quota admission criteria, admits students under management quota, which doesn’t mandate any merit requirement. When it comes to engineering programs, there is a tangential entry scheme which allows the students holding a diploma degree to directly enter the 2nd year of the course. For post graduate programs, the GATE and Karnataka CET scores come into play.

PES University Faculty

Teachers are the backbone of any educational institution. Excelling towards the Golden Jubilee year, PES University never compromises on keeping the roots strong and empowered. Along with the immense experience and quintessence knowledge the faculty of ‘People’s Education Society’ – practices both the Traditional, Digitalized and Practical style of teaching.


The teachers at PES University teach with a vision, a vision to inspire and bring a change in the lives of students. They not only provide you with intensive knowledge and exposure but also encourage everyone to do their best. It’s about 30:1, Student: Teacher ratio which provides undivided attention for each student. The teachers are highly educated and accessible. The teachers at PES University are the graduates of globally Renowned Institutions. They teach with an impact. They are not just constrained to the walls of academics. They support the students to showcase their skills in every field.

The faculty has a ‘Touch of Midas’. They have the power to transform the student into a better person, both personally and professionally. Without a second thought, you can rely on the teachers for their generous guidance. Their guidance is not just confined to the classroom. They go out of their way for supporting you in the matters of Internships and projects.


Several scholarships are available for the eligible students. Appreciation and recognition is a must. It motivates the students to outdo themselves. Hence we have different kinds of scholarships from rural scholarships, corporate scholarships to distinction awards. This acts as a catalyst to raise incredible talents. The fee structure being flexible and friendly, strives to provide opportunities to everyone in a genuine way.

Extracurricular activities


Along with the Professional development PES University also focuses on the Personal empowerment and growth of the students. Extracurricular activities are a platform where the students can display innovative ideas and talents. Yoga, the famous PES band, blood donation camps, medical campaigns, sports and brilliant coaching facilities and several clubs bring out the vibrant personalities of the students. It also makes this place interactive and fun which helps in effective learning and increased productivity of the students.

PES University is placed seventh on the list of India’s most trusted Educational institutions. This place offers the best educational and learning experience. It’s a place which opens doors of enormous opportunities. PES is constantly upgrading and innovating to help you realise your best potential. This is the place which will move you closer to your dreams. Join this remarkable University and take a step towards Success.

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