18 Sep 2019

TAPMI PGDM Admission 2020: Eligibility, Process, Cut-off, Fees


TAPMI Manipal is one of the highly favored management institutions in India. The PGDM program offered by this institute is certified by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). This year, TAPMI is planning to open the admission procedure for the PGDM course of 2020-2022 batch in the 2nd week of November 2019. Here comes the detail of this course:

TAPMI provides four types of PGDM programs, namely:

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Management or PGDM General- This course is designed in such a manner that pushes the students to go beyond the constraints to redraw the boundaries for achieving excellence in the field of business. In this entire course duration, every aspect of the life of a student includes decision making and experiential learning along with the consequent results.
  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Management- Human Resource Services or PGDM-HR- This program mainly centers on building HR leaders, who are transformational and can motivate the new millennials as well as the new generation companies to achieve their dreams jointly.
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Banking and Financial Services or PGDM- BKFS- This course focuses on developing finance industry professionals, who can navigate through the alteration while overcoming the finance industry. This program has an updated and unique curriculum, which develops both the knowledge and skills of the students in the field of finance and banking.
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Marketing and Sales Management or PGDM- MSM- This program aims to develop dedicated sales professionals, who can direct delivery based sales teams.


Applying for TAPMI PGDM admission:

There is one common application form for all types of PGDM programs. Submission of the application form for TAPMI PGDM course 2020 must be done online. The final date for application is the second week of January 2020.


TAPMI PGDM Courses Application Fees:

There are different types of application fees applicable to different types of TAPMI PGDM courses. Let’s get the details:

  1. For getting admission in one PGDM program, the application fee is Rs. 2100 + GST
  2. For getting admission in two PGDM programs, the application fee is Rs. 2500 + GST
  3. For getting admission in three PGDM programs, the application fee is Rs. 4200 + GST
  4. For getting admission in four PGDM programs, the application fee is Rs. 5900 + GST


Important Points Regarding the TAPMI PGDM Courses Application Process:

  1. The applicant has to pay the cost of application online and the fee is non-refundable
  2. For applying in the TAPMI PGDM courses, it is necessary to click on the Admissions section and then enter all the fine points in the specific window, which opens with a click. This will take you to the application form.
  3. The application process of TAPMI is not done in hard copy mode. Applicants should only submit the applications online.
  4. Applicants should pay for the application through credit card/online payment/debit card etc.
  5. The process often changes derived from the developments, which may arise.


Admission Criteria for TAPMI PGDM Courses:

The TAPMI admission criteria 2020 would be a two-step method including the shortlisting criteria depending on the entrance exam score and profile. And the criteria of final admission selection depend on other vital elements along with the score of the entrance exam.

These days, there are also a few institutes that help the students to get admission in TAPMI PGDM courses through management quota. The management quota admission in TAPMI is meant for those candidates, who fail to qualify for the entrance exam.


How candidates are shortlisted?

The initial part of taking admission in TAPMI PGDM course is shortlisting before the final selection. At TAPMI, the candidates are shortlisted based on the parameters mentioned below:

The admission process in TAPMI follows profile-based selection. Besides, every type of PGDM program comes with some additional components depending on the requirements. Profiles that are considered for shortlisting includes valid XAT/CAT/GMAT scores (that is higher), work experience (company type, total months/years of experience), academic profile (graduation, any build-ups during graduation, 10th, 12th), and extramural achievements in case any. Besides, the Statement of Purpose has an important role to play in the process of shortlisting. But it is important to keep in mind that shortlisting each program is independent and separate as well. So, shortlisting every program never guarantees for to one another shortlisting for another program. The profile-based selection process is meant for candidates, who have two years or more work experience.

Here the applicants are informed about the decision of shortlisting through SMS/email to the registered phone number or email id. The aggregate scores of the applicants will be considered and not their sectional scores in TAPMI entrance exam for shortlisting students. Applicants are allowed to submit scores of more than one entrance test. The best score will be counted on for shortlisting.


TAPMI shortlisting for candidates with 2 years or more work experience:

TAPMI follows a profile-based selection process for candidates, who have the work experience of two years or more. The parameters for this type of shortlisting process are mentioned below:

  • Valid scores in XAT/GMAT/CAT (which one remains higher)
  • Educational report (10th, 12th, Graduation, any build-ups at the time of graduation etc.)
  • Duration and quality of work experience (company type, total years of experience etc.)
  • Achievements in additional activities if any.


TAPMI admission cut-offs: for applicants, who have less than 2 years of work experience:

The admission 2020 score cut off depends on the aggregate percentile score. Besides, here the candidates also have to score well across different sections of the entrance exam. These cut-offs are only applicable for the candidates, who have less than 2 years of work experience.


Final selection round in the admission process:

After shortlisting, the applicants would be called again for the concluding selection round or the PI round. Every shortlisted candidate is eligible for this round, which will be organized in February or March 2020. The final selection process will depend on XAT/CAT percentile or GMAT score, the applicant’s academic performance, statement of purpose, work experience (if any), PI or performance in the personal interview, GD, and written ability test or WAT. WAT-GD- PI would be held in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Manipal, and Chennai.

  • Details of WAT in TAPMI PGDM admission process: A written ability test or WAT is conducted on TAPMI to evaluate the written capacities of the applicants. This test is designed to assess Articulation and Technical skills or Grammar and Spellings of the applicants.
  • Details of GD round in TAPMI PGDM admission process: GD or Group Discussions round at TAPMI checks the capability of the applicants for interacting within groups. This round also evaluates the skills of the applicants in the fields of Problem Solving, Leadership, Persuasion, Solution Orientation, and Communication. Group Discussions topics will focus on the present issues/affairs debated in the past five years.
  • Details of PI round in TAPMI PGDM admission process: Last but not least, a Behavioral Personal Interview would be conducted by TAPMI to recognize the attitude of the applicants towards management education. Here the ability of the applicant would be evaluated in the matter of leadership and communication, self-management, self-awareness, and social awareness.




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