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The perfect study plan doesn’t exist. The style of studying is highly subjective in nature. However being organised and having a well structured study plan which suits you the best can take you a long way.

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Following are some practical study technique which will keep you motivated which in turn will encourage you to progress towards your goals even during situations of crisis.

Whether you are an employee studying in order to upgrade your skills or an aspiring student who wants to get into the college of your dreams, here’s presenting you an ultimate guide with tips and techniques to master the art of learning.

1. Importance of the Study Space

Every corner of our home has a memory attached to it. And this phenomenon influences our subconscious mind in different ways. Be it your house or a space you are living in, ensure that you create a safe space where you feel the most comfortable.

Importance of the Study Space

It’s of supreme importance to have a clean and stress free area where you can concentrate without distractions. You don’t need to create a fancy study area; just a well cleaned, well ventilated, well illuminated corner with minimum distractions is more than sufficient. Make this space as liberating and clutter free as possible. A pleasant space will help you focus better.

2. 1, 2, 3… GOALS!

One of the major goal setting mistakes we often do is setting ‘too many goals’. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Success is a result of failures, dedication and persistence.

1, 2, 3... GOALS!

It is unrealistic to achieve perfection. No human on this planet is wired to be perfect. Hence you need to focus on quality and not quantity while setting goals. It is not how much you accomplish; it’s about how significant your accomplishments are.

So be realistic and take baby steps while you decide your studying plan. With short term and realistic goals you tend to give your best and make most of it. Remember tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean.

3. Find Your Style of Learning

Every student has their own way of studying. Some write loads of notes to remember something, some prefer visual aids, while others need to explain the topic to someone in order to gain proficiency in the subject.

Instead of monotonously mugging up the syllabus, you need to make your studying experience as interesting to you as possible. You can have visual aids, acronym associations, flow charts, tables, diagrams etc to break the monotony.


Use technology in the right way to make studying fun and engaging. May be you can create a group online and
conduct a test with your friends. To remember something who have studied, one needs to transfer the information from short term memory to the long term and this can be done effectively with grasping techniques which works best for you. By using trial and error method, you will definitely figure out your style of learning.

4. The Power of Deadlines

Set realistic deadlines for yourself and work towards it. Let’s say by the end of every week assess yourself by writing a test. Self driven students have this habit of motivating themselves.

This will help you be prompt in your work and will reduce the levels of procrastination. If you don’t have a well organised schedule you are more likely to lower your confidence and self esteem.

Therefore having a structured schedule will keep you on toes and boost your confidence too. You also become more responsible and a better judge of your progress and improvement.

5. Study to Understand

The most common errors students make while studying is to blindly memorise the subject. We understand marks are important from the exam view point, but what’s more important is to ensure you understand the subject matter.

Once you understand and are able to reason out, automatically the topic becomes ten times easier to remember. Try to apply the concepts to real situations and connect personal references for a better understanding. We also know that it’s not always a cake walk to understand some concepts.

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Well in that case, approach your mentor, teacher, friend, put in efforts to study with a purpose. This tip will surely help you achieve a lot, not just in your examination but also in life.

6. Remember to Rest

We see a number of over ambitious parents expecting their children to study all the time. Let’s remember the most imperative thing that every student has a life outside the world of studies.

We humans function at our best potential when our mind is at peace. It is important to replenish, refresh, and rejuvenate time and again. Between your studies hours, give yourself a break every now and then. A stress free mind is a powerhouse of memory.


Make sure you get some sun and air and some breathing space between your busy schedules. Taking a ten minute break every hour is mandatory.

7. Drink Plenty of Water

This is often taken for granted by students. Research suggests that drinking ample amount of water improves exam grades. Staying hydrated improves your concentration, boosts your memory power and also calms your nerves down.

Water has the ability to flush out toxins and release hormones which will enhance your cognition. It has a soothing effect on both your mind and body.

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Hydrate yourself while you’re preparing for the examination, when you are revising the syllabus and most importantly on the day of the exam. It will help you think better and lower the irritability and restlessness.

8. Brain Food Helps

Intake of nutritious food will keep your mind and body active. Often students get so involved in studying that they tend to neglect food. Add milk, nuts, Yogurt, fruits, veggies, basically it is of paramount importance to add the rainbow in your diet.

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Follow a balanced diet right from the beginning in order to make your preparation work fruitfully. On the day of the examination never neglect food and water. Ensure you have had a well nutritious meal and plentiful water.

This will increase your energy levels leading to a better performance in the examination.

9. Revise Before You Go to Sleep

This is a very important study tip. A psychological approach suggests that revision of notes before bed will facilitate encoding of the information into the long term memory.


So you can pick up topics which are a little difficult for you and read them over every night before you hit the bed. This will help you register the information into your system successfully.

10. Say NO to Overconfidence

It is always beneficial to revise something you think you already know. Do not overlook concepts by labelling them to be ‘too easy’. At times the simplest questions are often subjected to blundered answers by the students.

It’s a rule to keep in touch with all the concepts often, in order to stay familiar and confident. Also note that quality overpowers quantity.

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Hence ensure you know a concept thoroughly instead of just randomly glancing through several concepts with no in depth understanding of the actual material.

11. Make the Subject Relatable

Ever wondered why it is easy to remember stories and difficult to remember facts or statistics? We humans are driven by emotions and feelings. A story is easier to store in the mind because of the fact that, we tend to connect to stories on an emotional and personal level.

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The feelings we feel while listening to a story is what maintains its lasting impact on us. What we are suggesting is that, try to create a self relatable criterion to the concepts you are studying. Create connections with the subject
matter and make it relatable to you.

12. Conduct Mock Exams

Writing mock exams will help you prepare for the real examination. One way of doing this could be using the past examination question papers. This will help you get familiar with the pattern as well as boost your confidence.

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13. Exercise and The Goodness of Sleep

Research suggests that exercising for about 15-20 minutes before studying boosts your concentration levels. It is also said that exercise is a form of anti depressant. It will energize your brain and help you perform well.

When your body goes through a physical activity endorphins are released. These feel good hormones will help your
mind and body function on a happier note. A quick jog, a brisk walk, Yoga, breathing exercising, and meditation or any other physical sport and a sound sleep of 7-8 hours will boost up your energy levels and shrink your stress levels.

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Most importantly remember perfection doesn’t exist. With practice comes progress. Also note that too much of anything is not good. So don’t obsess over your examination, strike a balance between studies and life, this balance will inspire and help you lead a happy and successful life.

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