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24 Sep 2020

2022-23 Management Quota Admission in Ayurvedic Colleges, Bangalore


Ayurvedic Colleges, Bangalore – Management Quota Admission

Ayurveda is a transformational alternative medical system. The roots of Ayurveda are Indian. Ayurvedic philosophies help us live a positive and holistic life. GCSOnline believes in changing the lives of people by helping them create a career of their dreams. So help us help you! GCSOnline has carved a recognised position by providing direct admission in Top BAMS Colleges in Bangalore. Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and Surgery is a 5.5 years long graduate course that is offered. If you are seeking a direct admission in BAMS colleges Bangalore then approach GCSOnline today.

Here is the course overview:

What is it about?

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) Stream: Medical

Duration: 5 years and 6 months of mandatory internship Course type: Graduation

BAMS is a graduate course which includes the study of Ayurvedic philoshophy, history, Anatomy, physiology, toxicology, Panchakarma, general surgery and parasurgical techniques. This course provides a wide range of specialisations such as-

  • Sharir kriya
  • Padartha vigyan
  • Rasa shastra
  • Charak samhita
  • Kumara bhritya
  • Agad tantra
  • Sharer rachana
  • Swasth vritta
  • Prasuti and stri roga


  • Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (BAMS) spans for 5.5 .
  • A 6 months internship is mandatory to gain hands on training in the field of Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Distance education is not an option when it comes to medical.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Successful completion of 10 + 2 / 12th grade equivalent exam with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as the mainstream subjects from a recognised board 
  • An aggregate score of 50% 
  • The candidates must qualify for National eligibility cum entrance exam (NEET). The merit list of NEET 
  • However the required scores differ for different colleges. Contact us for a management quota admission in Ayurvedic colleges.

Admission process:

  • Admission is based on the NEET scores now for all the medical courses including BAMS. The scores are a mandatory now to gain a seat in a reputed Ayurvedic college. The student needs to qualify
  • Post the NEET results, the counselling begins. Based on the score and performances the college is determined. Few colleges conduct a personal interview round to assess the students

Fee structure for BAMS:

  • The fee structure differs for different
  • Average fees per year is around 10,000-50,000

List of the Best BAMS Colleges in Bangalore:

Bangalore is the ultimate destination for a successful career development. A prominent college makes all the difference in the career paths of the students. GCSOnline is known to facilitate a direct admission in BAMS colleges Bangalore.

  1. SDM institute of Ayurveda and hospital
  2. Rajiv Gandhi university of health sciences
  3. Hillside academy Bangalore
  4. Goutham college
  5. Bapuji Ayurvedic medical college and hospital
  6. Sri Sri Ayurvedic BAMS college Bangalore
  7. Sri kalabyraveshwara Swamy Ayurveda medical college
  8. Indian institute of Ayurvedic medicine and research
  9. KTG group of Institutions Bangalore
  10. Adichunchangiri Ayurvedic medical college Bangalore
  11. Sushrutha ayurvedic medical college and hospital
  12. Atreya Ayurvedic medical college
  13. Sri paripoorna Sanathana Ayurveda medical college

Placements and Job prospects after the successful completion of BAMS: Successful completion can land the graduate a profound job in both government and private sector.

Here is the list of employment areas for BAMS graduates:

  • Health care institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Fitness centers
  • Educational institutions
  • Pharmaceutical department
  • Research centers

Top recruitment companies for BAMS graduates:

  • National Ayurvedic medical association
  • Ayush
  • Dabur
  • Himalaya drug company
  • Manipal
  • Patanjali ayurved
  • Baidyanath group
  • Pankajakasthuri herbals
  • Ayurveda medical association Job roles for BAMS graduates:
  • Professor: The one who teaches the students about Ayurveda in Ayurvedic colleges. Average salary: around 3 lakh per
  • Ayurvedic physician/doctor: The one who treats people through the application of Ayurvedic medicine system. They provide Ayurvedic remedies to help the patients cure their conditions. Average salary: around 4-10 lakh per
  • Pharmacist: The one who provides the prescribed medication by the doctor. Average salary: around 3 lakh per
  • Medical officer: The one who works at a health care centre, hospitals, ngo’s. Helps people lead the Ayurvedic life. Average salary: around 4 lakh per annum.
  • Sales representative: The one who has immense knowledge about Ayurvedic medicine. The one who represents and helps the sales of the Ayurvedic remedies and medicines. Average salary: around 2.5 lakh per.
  • Ayurvedic researcher: The one who researches in depth about various aspects of Ayurveda medicine. Average salary: around 3.5 lakh per.
  • Scientist: the one who discovers and innovates in a particular field. Average salary: around 6.5 lakh per annum.

What next? What to do after BAMS?

After the successful completion of BAMS, one can further pursue higher studies by doing masters in Ayurvedic medicine. (MS Ayurveda)

This can be followed by a doctorate/ PHD degree too.

Join hands with us today to direct your career in the right direction. If you are seeking for a management quota admission in Ayurvedic colleges Bangalore or you just need some guidance to pick a stream of education, we are just a call away. Thank you for reading!


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