Ashwini Ayurvedic Medical College in Bangalore


Overview of Ashwini Ayurvedic medical college:

Ashwini Ayurvedic medical college is one of the pioneer institutions to bring about a holistic change in the healthcare system of India. It was established in the year 2004 and has out shined itself in these 15 years by providing an impact education and medical facility which has transformed many lives. It’s a myth that Ayurveda is just about herbal therapy or nutrition but factually, Ayurveda has a very unique way of diagnosis which understands that human constitution differs as every individual has an exclusive metabolic system. The vision of this institution is to amplify the skills of the aspirants and to empower them in this sacred science of Ayurveda. Ashwini Ayurvedic medical college thrives to globalize Ayurveda and make it available for everyone.

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Today, Ashwini Ayurvedic medical college is a brand recognized for its impeccable Ayurvedic
education in Karnataka. The main forte of their education framework is that they provide Ayurvedic
knowledge which is equivalent to the modern medical knowledge. Their teaching approach strikes a
balance between tradition and modernity and that makes this medical college an exceptional one.

This institution offers a comprehensive curriculum, which includes training programs for the study of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery. Our students are trained to become professional healers who prosper to create a harmony between the physical, emotional and spiritual areas of life.

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Overview of the Institution:

Affiliation:Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore

Recognised:by The Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi

Approved by Ministry of Health and Family welfare Government of India

Undergraduate level:
B.A.M.S: Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery/ Ayurveda acharya
Eligibility: Successful completion of 10+2/ 12th standard equivalent education with an aggregate of 45%- 50% in Physics, Chemistry and biology. NEET eligibility is considered during the admission
Age limit: 17 years and above at the time of the admission
Duration: 4 ½ year + 1 year compulsory internship.
Post graduate level:
1. M.D. In Kayachikitsa(ayurveda vachaspati)
2. M.D. In Panchakarma(ayurveda vachaspati)
3. M.D. In Dravyaguna (ayurveda vachaspati)
4. M.S. In Shalakya tantra (ayurveda dhanwantari)
5. M.S. In Shalya tantra(ayurveda dhanwantari)
6. M.D. In Shareera kriya(ayurveda vachaspati)
7. M.D. In Swasthavritta (ayurveda vachaspati)


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It is rightly said that, “What a teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.” The faculty of Ashwini ayurvedic medical college consists of highly educated and skilled experts, who are the alumni of esteemed institutions from India and abroad. This bunch of Ayurvedic enthusiasts are passionate about the science and hence work at their best potential in order to empower their students in both theoretical and practical aspect of the subject.


Excellent placements in India and abroad
IT infrastructure
Hostel facilities
Transportation for local conveyance
Banking and internet facilities
Sports and recreational facilities
Academic counselling
Security service
Colossal libraries
Classrooms with sophisticated and advanced teaching aids
List of exciting activities which adds life on the campus throughout the year:
  • Guest lectures
  • On field visits
  • Educational tours
  • Health awareness programs
  • Yoga programs
  • Club seminars
  • Sports meet
  • Cultural events
  • Arogya saptaha
  • Suhasini Swasthya Saptaha
  • Fresher’s day
  • Graduation program
  • Rural Health camps
  • Celebrations like National Ayurveda day, International Yoga day, World environment day,
    Women’s day and more
  • Awareness programs on the occasion of World breast feeding week
  • Continuing medical education ( CME )

Ashwini Ayurvedic medical college Placements/ Career prospects:

As Ashwini Ayurvedic medical college & hospital has a global network, its students are sure to be placed in top government and private healthcare organisations across the globe. During the course of the training programs, the students are trained with respect to the job expectations of an Ayurvedic practitioner so that they can perform effectively in their future work prospects

Facilities offered:

1. Outpatient department (OPD)

which caters to the needs of hundreds of ailing patients every day.

2. Hospital inpatient care (IPD)

offers 24 hours care for the needy in rooms of the highest quality standards.

3. Laboratory

includes all the equipments required for the lab procedures like ECG’s, X-rays and so on.

4. Panchakarma therapy unit

consists of expert therapists, including both men and women at your service. They are well trained in the field of Ayurveda and thrive to provide a healing therapy to the needy. This unit aims at provides rejuvenation and relaxation in a sophisticated therapeutic way.

5. Operation theatre (OT)-

Ayurvedic and general surgical treatments are carried out here.

6. Ano-rectal unit –

This unit provides treatments like Kshara karma, Agnikarma, kasharasutra etc for Ano-rectal diseases.

7. Kriya kapla or shalakya therapy unit or Eye exercise unit:

as the name says, this unit provides therapeutic treatment to the ocular health conditions

8. Yoga, meditation and physiotherapy unit :

Conducts classes on the same to facilitate the treatment process

9. Pathya kalpana unit:

The nutrition department organises a balanced diet in order to ensure an effective treatment

10. Swarnamruta prashana:

This is an incredible child immunization programme held on Pushya nakshtra day of every month. It helps in the mental and physical development of children. It is suitable for children with the age range of 0-16 years. This immunization is proven to cure allergies, Attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome, hearing or visual inadequacy, memory loss, mental retardation, fever, flu, asthma, speech deficits etc.

11. Medical camps:

Free health checkups are carried out in rural areas, schools, colleges on a regular basis.

Education is the kindling of a flame and not the filling of a vessel.

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