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Atreya Ayurvedic medical college, Bangalore has a legacy of serving the humanity since 16 years now. This renowned health care organisation was initiated by the esteemed Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr.Prashant S Acharya to heal the society with a science which radiates harmony and the only medical field which follows a holistic approach for a healthy life. Initially it was started to aid the rural population, confined to a small town called Doddaballapur in Bangalore district, Karnataka.

Affiliation: Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences (RGUHS)

Recognised: The Central Council of Indian Medicine, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and the Ministry of Ayush.

The passion to heal the society with this sacred science, drove Dr.Prashant S Acharya to establish the ‘Atreya Ayurvedic medical college, hospital and research centre’ in 2006 and since then this prominent health care vicinity has been nurturing many lives through their exceptional health care facilities. This organisation believes that Ayurveda is an ancient science which possesses the healing touch of nature. Their vision is to provide unprecedented quality of education in order to create incredible Ayurvedic practitioners who have both the knowledge of Ayurveda and the knack of healing. Our institution works on its best potential by persistently researching and discovering various aspect of this science of life. Atreya Ayurvedic medical college is recognized for its collaborations with the global educational institutions and they provide one of the best student exchange experiences.

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Atreya Ayurvedic institution follows a practical approach of teaching where they replace the cliché style of mentoring with a refreshing one. Students are trained with regard to not just the ancient fundamentals of Ayurveda but also the current modern elements in the field of health care.

Ayurveda not only nurtures the approach of being healthy but also encourages you to love yourself. It teaches you to understand your place in life and helps you clear up your energy. If you are ardent to master this science, Atreya Ayurvedic medical college and research centre is the best place and here’s why…

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Overview of the course offered:

Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (B.A.M.S) is an undergraduate degree program recognised by the central council of Indian medicine, statutory body under Government of India, Ministry of health and family welfare. This course is designed for 5 and a half years which includes one year of mandatory internship as it is a health care field one requires hands on training with the patients. Global collaborations organised by the college are highly beneficial for the students as it helps them gain a global perspective about their subject. Atreya Ayurvedic medical college has a network with Singapore and other European countries currently


The successful completion of 10+2/ 12th standard equivalent education with an aggregate of 45%- 50% in Physics, Chemistry and biology. NEET eligibility is considered during the admission process.

Age limit:

17 years and above at the time of the admission.


5 ½ year + 1 year compulsory internship.

Fee structure:

The institution aims at making Ayurveda feasible to all and hence the fee structure is designed in a way that it is reasonable to all. The fee ranges between 50,000-70,000 INR per year and however this approximation is subject to changes.


The superheroes aka teaching staff of Atreya Ayurvedic medical college hustle everyday to train the students at their best potential. They have the touch of midas as they are trained to transform the lives of students. Our teachers keep updating their knowledge, skills and teaching approaches in order to teach students with an impact.


From guest lectures, field trips to conducting cultural fests, this institution not only provides immense knowledge and skills about Ayurveda but also keeps the campus vibrant and lively by promoting extracurricular activities which will help the students to shape their individualistic personality and prepares them to face the challenges in the mere future.



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Modest accomplishments of Atreya Ayurvedic Medical College, Research Centre and Hospital:

  • Atreya Ayurvedic medical college has been recognised as ‘India’s best medical college and hospital for Ayurvedic medicine and Surgery’ by the World wide achievers, at its world education summit 2018 in New Delhi.
  • Global exposure: Atreya Ayurvedic medical college is a partner with renowned organisations across the globe. The partners are: the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America (AAPNA); the International University of yoga and Ayurveda, Inc. Florida USA; the Europe Ayurveda Academy (EAA), Ireland; and the Union Yoga and Ayurveda, Singapore, to name a few.

Atreya Ayurvedic Medical College Placements & Career Prospects:

Bangalore is a one stop destination for the ultimate career development and Atreya Ayurvedic medical college is located in this city and hence the job opportunities are amplified in this institution. To top it all this medical school is recognised for its global connections and that makes Atreya Ayurvedic medical college the most preferred Ayurvedic school in the country. From government hospitals to private health care centres the job prospects are numerous. As there’s a growing scope for Ayurveda on an international level, we can say that this field of medicine is both altruistic and lucrative in nature.For further details about direct admissions or management quota admissions in the best universities across India, consult your friendly educational consultants Gcsonline today!

Disclaimer: This site content or information provided for students guidance only. We would like to recommend you to verify the information from university as there could be changes from year to year. The whole information to help students and does not mean that we provide direct admission through management quota in Atreya Ayurvedic Medical College.

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