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Education these days plays a very vital role for shaping the career ahead. Education is not just limited of scoring good marks, getting good job or perhaps getting a good college. Education indeed defines the social behavior as well as how we want to proceed ahead. As a parent, the first big decision as a parent that we need to take for the children is perhaps choosing a right school.

Parents look out for a lot of factors before getting their children admitted such as school infrastructure, teaching standards, fees, curriculum, safety, location etc. So, in order to make your decision easy, we have brought a list of top 5 schools in Bangalore in the following article. I hope you will find this article quite informative.

Bangalore which is known as garden city of Karnataka has become a place of prominent schools which plays a very important role in the contribution in terms of the skill development. The top schools are mostly affiliated with CBSE. The syllabus of these schools is quite comfortable and flexible for the students as nationalized curriculum is being followed. The list of schools that is mentioned below is based on a lot of factors such as academic facilities, general public opinion and extra-curricular activities. So, let us have a look at the schools below:-

Final Words

Schools play quite a vital role to make or break the career of a student. It is quite evident that you select a good school based on different parameters. The list that is presented above meets all the expectation and thus it will potentially help to shape the career of your child. We hope this article was informative and you got all the information that you might had required. Drop down any questions or queries and we would be more than happy to help you out in your concern.


List of Schools


Air Force School, Hebbal

This is indeed one of the best schools in Bangalore that you can get and in 2012 it was awarded as the best school among all the air force schools across India. The allotment in this school is mainly done to the children of Air Force, Lodger Units and personnel working HQTC.

Apart from this, the other categories students can also get admission in this prestigious school based on the performance, skill set and the availability of the seats that might be present. The school came into existence in the year 1958 by HQTC, IAF.

Air Force School, Hebbal is an ISO 9001:2008 certified school which started providing educational service by first establishing a nursing school. Later in the coming years, it also started Primary and secondary education. It is a CBSE school which follows a CCE curriculum from Class 1 to Class X. The academic calendar consists of 2 terms such as Term 1 and Term 2. Term 1 takes place from April to September which the Term 2 starts from October to March. The evaluation of the students takes place through regular projects, tests, internal exams, assessments etc. to name a few.

Campus :-

The campus of the school provides wide range of facilities such as world class laboratories, spacious classrooms, library having a large collection of books as well as a huge playground where different kinds of sports are being played.

Details of the classes :-

The school offer classes ranging from kinder garden to class XII. The nursery section of the school comprises of Lower KG and Upper KG while the primary section consist of classes I to V. On the other hand, the secondary section consists of classes VI to X. The higher secondary section offers science and commerce stream and it consist of classes X1 and X11.

direct_admission_in_BGS_International Residential School

BGS International Residential School, Nithyanandanagar

BGS International School, Bangalore came into existence in the year 1997 and it was formerly inaugurated by Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the year 2000. It is known to be one of the best schools in Bangalore.

It is one of the reputed schools in Bangalore where you can very well admit your child. It is also a very good co-educational residential school which is situated on the Bangalore-Mysore highway and it is situated about 40 minutes from the Bangalore city. The following school has got the affiliation from CBSE, Karnataka state board as well as Cambridge International examination.

direct_admission_in Delhi_Public_School

Delhi Public School, North Bangalore

It is indeed one of the best options that you can get in terms of co-educational day school. Further, it is affiliated by CBSE, New Delhi. It is one of the top 5 schools in Bangalore and it potentially delivers quality education to the fellow students. The school started its operation in the year 2002 and it currently has strength of 4427 students and 210 faculty members. The school has constantly achieved good results in every academic year.

Campus :-

The campus of the school is equipped with a lot of amenities such as library, laboratories, play grounds, cafeteria, music room, classrooms having technical equipments, ambulance facility etc.

Detail of the classes :-

The following school offers the education starting from the kinder garden to class X11. Apart from that, the school also offers coaching of NTSE and IIT-JEE for the senior secondary students. The school also has the collaboration with German and UK schools for different international projects.

direct_admission_in_National public school

National public school, Indiranagar

National public school in Bangalore was formed in the calendar year 1982 and it further got its affiliation from CBSE. NPS is regarded as the top most schools and it is quite famous across the entire country. National public school has achieved the academic excellence since the time the establishment has been done. The curriculum of the school is designed in such a way that it offers flexibility to the students and thus they are able to easily grasp and understand the subjects.

Campus :-

There are a lot of facilities offered by the school such as smart classrooms, resource rooms, and play ground, audio and video rooms, concrete basketball rooms, medical facilities, computer laboratories and many other aspects as well.

Classes’ details :-

This reputed college offers classes from I to XII. At the junior block, Montessori and kinder gardens systems are present and at the senior secondary level, you get the option to choose from science and arts stream as per the interest of the students. Each class has a maximum strength of 40 students.

Kendriya Vidyala

Kendriya Vidyala, Hebbal

It is indeed one of the popular co-educational schools in Bangalore which is affiliated by CBSE, New Delhi. The school is an autonomous body under MHRD, Government of India. The aim of the school is to cater to different educational requirements of the children belonging to central government employees, Para military personnel etc.

Campus :-

The school has a lush green campus and it is equipped with a lot of facilities such as library having wide collection of books, spacious classrooms, volley ball courts, computer labs etc. It also has an eco friendly environment which makes the learning experience quite good.

Classes details :-

The school offers the education to the students from primary level to Class XII.