29 Jun 2020




The uncertainty and stress caused by the global pandemic has taken a serious toll on every aspect of our lives today. It feels like an advent of a new world altogether where we are enforced to use digital platforms for almost every chore of our daily life.

Campus closure due to Corona virus has a major impact on the student’s education and learning style across the globe. GCSOnline consultants, Bangalore have always thrived to make your education and career journey a hassle free one.

We believe in providing you an upbeat experience which you truly deserve. Here are some significant insights on how Virtual counselling can serve the MBA aspirants to cope with these challenging times.

What is Virtual career counselling?

Virtual career counselling is a kind of consultative and supportive online platform which provides their clients a helping hand to build their career in the most profound way.

The career counsellors assist the clients deal with their career voyage, and employment transformations. Career counselling helps you plan your career, evaluate the options and help you choose from various alternatives.

In the present situation, technology has been a blessing. GCS online consultants are happy to bring the best career expertises that have noteworthy experience in connecting the aspirants to the path of success.

It is quite natural for us to feel unsure about our career paths. Name a field of education you need guidance in, we got it covered for you. We thrive to blend your ambition and career.

Talking about MBA, Virtual counselling can aid you in making better decisions on your MBA journey and future career prospects. MBA is not just a mere course. It requires dedication, hard work and motivation to do more every day.

GCSOnline connects you with the mentors who constantly work on their best potential to improve their knowledge and skills in order to bring out the best version of you. Helping you get an admission in the top MBA colleges of Bangalore is our aim.

How does Virtual counselling function?

Based on your area of learning, we assign a counsellor who will provide counselling on an online platform such as Skype, Zoom, Phone calls or Whatsapp. As face to face consultation is not possible keeping the COVID 19 situation in mind.

Live chats with the counsellors are also made available in order to keep the interaction at a personal level. Our forte is to help you connect with the counsellors directly as an individual interaction will bring out the best in you.

Virtual career counselling

In short, virtual counselling helps you capitalise your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, and utilise the opportunities.

Don’t let this pandemic affect your aspirations and goals. You deserve to create your own future with our small little support.

Here is a list of MBA colleges which are top in Bangalore:

Christ University
• Indian institute of management (IIM)
• AIMS institutes
• IFIM Business school
• Xavier institute of management
• Ramaiah institute of management
• St.Joseph’s institute of management
• REVA University
• PES University
• Presidency College
• Acharya institutes

We aim at providing comprehensive virtual counselling. All you need is passion and a basic  internet connection to obtain the virtual counselling sessions.

Thanks to the internet for making us easily accessible to you, what’s better than receiving guidance at your comfort zone?

Here is how virtual counselling can get you a direct admission in top MBA colleges of Bangalore.

direct admission in top MBA colleges of Bangalore

1. Self Awareness and Self Branding:

Firstly all kind of career counselling enhances self awareness and helps you understand the nuances of one’s personality. Self awareness and accountability are the foundation of success, be it life or career.

The first step to kick start your career in MBA or any other career path, you need to have a deep understanding about yourself and our counsellors help you achieve that hence setting a strong foundation of any individual  and their career path.

Self awareness and Self Branding

This understanding will help you boost your confidence to make the right choices in career and the rest of your life. A career counsellor will help you market yourself in a profound way.

2. Planning is a Game Changer:

The counsellor and you work as a team towards choosing a career you love, so that you will never have to work a day in your life. They say do what you love and love what you do. Hence planning for your future is very important.

Planning is a game changer

Of course life is uncertain in nature but having a set of goals will help us deal with the ambiguity in a professional
manner. Planning and setting goals will help you measure your progress.

You need to be a little more prepared especially during an uncertain pandemic situation like this. Planning will also keep you motivated to deal with things which aren’t in your control.

3. Exploration is Essential:

Be it MBA or Engineering, or medicine there are a wide range of speciality streams one can opt. Our counsellors will widen your perceptions and find you a number of alternatives and plan B’s.

Exploration is Essential

MBA has several streams like accounting, finance, and entrepreneurship, human resource management, global management, E-commerce, marketing, operations management and the list goes on.

Career counselling will help you not to constraint yourself and will open up different stream of opportunities you
would have missed otherwise. This will help you experience new horizons and areas of interest.

4. Career Assessment:

A series of tests are conducted during the virtual counselling sessions to assess the student’s IQ, Skills, knowledge and aptitude.

The aptitude test which will determine your ability to study MBA or any other choice of course can be conducted and evaluated right from the comfort of your house. The primary thing our virtual career counsellor will do is conduct the aptitude test in order to understand where you stand.

Career Assessment

One can take this test from anywhere, literally anywhere. Only if you know your weaknesses can you put in efforts to improve them. And that’s exactly what our counsellors will work on.

A profession like MBA requires specific competencies like

• Leadership.
• Strategic assessment and the aptitude of planning
• Adaptableness
• Teamwork.
• Inventiveness.
• Quantitative skills
• Problem solving and analytical skills.
• Interpersonal and communication skills.
• International orientation.

The aptitude assessment will give you insights on your present skills and hence create room for improvement and proficiency over the skills.

This will certainly facilitate you find the best suited career for you. It helps you develop the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue your dream career.

5. Insights from the expertise:

You get an in depth knowledge and insights about various universities, employment areas, job profiles and so on. We provide Management Quota Admission in Christ University MBA and loads of such prestigious institutions.

In this competition driven pace it is important to study in a prominent and globally recognised institution. We
make the admission process as convenient as possible by providing you admission in the top MBA colleges in Bangalore.

Insights from the expertise

The counsellors go out of their way to help the students succeed.

In a nutshell, Virtual counselling will help you discover more about yourself, identify your skills, research career options, connect your major and your vocation. With the right guidance and mentorship one can reach incredible heights.

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